Sunday, February 8, 2009

Animation Class
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This is a 'basic' survey course in software , hardware and computer animation vocabulary.  It is preferred that students possess some 'basic' understanding of animation terminology and have 'some' Photoshop to provide personal experience for contribution as a team of learners.  Major content is listed below and feel free to comment on each item listed (as bullet points).

  • In class lessons/examples/labs and exercises (4 projects total)
  • Online and 'Help' tutorials (answering your original ideas/directions)
  • Research and classroom contribution (provide opportunity to formulate a direction)
  • Understanding of various courses of study and potential careers (skills necessary)

We'll cover the following softwares and exercises over the course of the next 7 weeks.

Image editing software for producing layers for animation purposes.

We plan to cover:
  • Resolution, File Size, File Types (.psd/native, .jpg/compressed and .gif/for web)
  • Layers and basic tools for drawing and color addition
  • Scanning / Resolution 
  • Layers / Building depth and allowing for control (manipulation) of objects
Simple animation software along with providing expert tools for website interaction
  • Benefits: Toolbox, 'Tweening', Layers, Exporting (movies and interactive websites)
  • Drawbacks: Complicated aspects for ActionScript (for interaction)
We plan to cover: 
  • Shapes vs. Objects (basic painting tools)
  • Vector files, Bezier Curves (and the pen tool) and Motion Paths
  • Keyframes (inserting keyframes, position, rotation, color and opacity)
  • Motion 'Tweens' (=vid0124 tutorial)
  • Importing to Libraries (various file types)
  • Testing your .swf (Command + Return) and 'fps' (frames per second)
  • Easing in and out
Simple animation software allows for importing of various files (eg. .psd/image file layers, .ill/graphic and logo layers).
  • Benefits: Puppet tool, Direct Insert into software, Style Filters similar to Photoshop
  • Drawbacks: Poor paintbox, Export is only for Quicktime (.mov)
We plan to cover:
  • Layers and file types
  • Puppet Tool
  • Adding sound, music and sound effects using GarageBand
  • Publishing to the web (requires use of YouTube/online email account necessary)
  • May additionally utilize I-Movie for 'downsizing' .mov files for effective broadcast.
Two animations shown in class (using After Effects, Photoshop, and GarageBand):

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    Accessing the blog - practice with brief, initial comment: "What do you know about animation already AND/OR what are your expectations for this class?"