Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 2 (animation) - Goals and Understandings (discussions)

(I've edited this on Thursday afternoon, just prior to class)

Discussion of 'postings' on blog:
1) Did you set up your own Gmail account for access? Do you still need a Gmail account?
2) I only have seen now 2 updated posting (from Kara and Kim) - I've posted replies.
3) Other postings? Other research? How are you planning to share the information you develop for class?
4) Did you view the 1 hour tutorial/preview of how to use Flash to create a character and movement?
- I want to make sure that everyone has 'viewed' the link and is prepared with a character drawing for scanning.
- We will cover Photoshop either at the end of class - or preferably, next week along with 'importing file types'.

Review of last week:
1) Review the various softwares (applications) we are going to cover in class (February 12th 'blog' - click here)
These include: Flash, Photoshop, AfterEffects, GarageBand, Quicktime, possibly: IMovie and ITunes
2) Skill vs. Concept (or Tools vs. Ideas) / Content vs. Context - list in order going down (on board)  ADD: Form vs. Function AND Frames (times must be met: Superbowl :30sec)
3) We covered some basic tools and created a basic animation (but didn't save it)

Keywords (write these on the board):
  • Inserting a Keyframe / Control Key (point A to point B for movement), Layers, Objects vs. Shapes, (Classic) Tweening (using the 'control' key), (various) Tools - list the tools used: shape, properties (color), transform (scale and/or rotation).
  • "Double Clicking the Object" to edit it.
  • Shift key to a) keep an object proportioned b) Moving an object along an axis up and down or side to side c) selecting multiple objects in a single setting.
  • Undo key (command+Z on Macs, or control+Z on PCs)
  • Pre-Viewing your animation: CTI (current time indicator) and 'scrubbing', 'Return' key to play on Stage, (command+Shift+Return) to play as an .swf file (this is what the viewer will see).  We will 'export' our .fla files into .swf files for viewing (note the difference).

1) Today we are going to pick up where we left off - building a basic animation with keyframes (review vocabulary)
2) Bouncing a ball - (tutorial for 'tweening' - click here)
3) Our animation for today - our inspiration: "A lava lamp background"
Keywords (add to list on board):
fps, browser, .fla and .swf (file types), Quicktime (embedding/looping animations), Consider your audience and 'credibility'.

To have a finalized animation (10 sec) background for use as a 'credits' for animations we create in class.
(we'll add 'text' later - our goal is to have an 'embedable' file in both .swf and .mov formats/file types)
Examples of Day 2: "Lava Lamp" animations - click here

'Playing' is encouraged today:
  • Gradients (adding a highlight to your shape/give it depth or 'form')
  • Layers will give additional 'illusion' of depth (scale and speed) / title these / 'copy and paste'
  • Morphing your object in response to other objects
  • 10 seconds total - work with each other, ask questions
  • test the 'rendering' qualities when viewing in the 'browser' (fps, layers, speed of objects)
(taking a break around 7:15)

NEXT WEEK - Make sure you bring your 'drawing' for scanning (Photoshop) / research animation and animation 'jobs' (go over skills needed for the field AND various degrees and locations).  7 week syllabus: Click here


  1. Where is the 1 hour flash preview we are supposed to watch?


  2. I finally found the link for the flash tutorial. I'll see how much I can watch before class tonight.

  3. check these out.
    ^my friend bethany made this stop motion. i really like the different ways she edited each photo.

    these are just videos that i find interesting:

  4. here is some info on animation jobs and education:

  5. Great resource, Kara - I'm glad you are looking into the 'needs' of animation, in regard to future contextual (educational) opportunities. I would encourage your continued efforts at finding the 'right' program (for after high school) and begin the process of acquiring those materials (viewbooks, course catalogs and contact information) for these programs. Good work.

  6. Kim, - I see a direction for your animations (from this class). I suggest you find a 'product' that you believe in and we work to 'market' it through a short animation. Who knows?, . . . it could be worth sending out to a company. Bring your storyboard ideas tonight and we'll begin the process of creating your final works. It will take time and 'attention' to instruction. It will take effort, not unlike the commitment you showed in your animation selections.