Thursday, February 12, 2009

Animation Class - Day 1 (assignments)

Respond to the following 2 questions (1 in class / 1 out of class assignment):
Note: Create a 'username' at the front of your reply (eg. AnimAL: I think the future of animation...)

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Step 2: Click on the 'respond to this posting' box at the end of this posting and answer the following questions:

Question 1: (In class)
"What do you know about animation, hardware and software (already) AND/OR what are your expectations for this class?"

Question 2: (Out of class/assignment - research)
"What is the direction that YOU see animation going in the future?"  Reflect on current trends if you can't 'predict' the future of animation.  Provide links (copy and paste) if possible.

I am adding the following items to your research potential. Click on the hyperlinks

(as I referenced them in class):


Adobe Flash 10 (CS4 Professional) User Guide – not a tutorial: 


Using 'motion tweens' in Flash:


Animating a character (drawing) in Flash / started in class (trt:1 hour):


Still frame artist / 3-D illustrator / Matte Background Artist (adds depth to your work):  


**Remember to bring a B&W drawing (in your sketchbook) to class. If you want to (or can) Xerox it for a color 'comp'. We'll use Photoshop when everybody has done this assignment (and we have a scanner).