Friday, February 20, 2009

Final Questions: post your answers online by (4/2/09) - for Open House

Note to Students: In our 'classes' we (eventually) develop 'understanding' in our capacity to 'share' with others.  You are developing this understanding through (formative) labs/exercises and the discussions we are 'sharing' with each other (both in class and online through blogs).  As a 'final' to this class, along with 'uploading' your work to - I am encouraging your 'understanding' (sharing with others) the following response questions.

Final questions, ‘subjective and substantiative 
(A Summative Evaluation – students should post this by last class).
Prepare (and post) your answers in time for the Open House (4/2/09).  There is no such thing as a 'wrong' answer (subjective) as long as you can effectively support (substantiate) it.
  • What is animation? Use: Keyframes / movement in time / 24 vs. 30fps / layers
  • What is content vs. context? – identify using a specific example of each or together.
  • When is Flash used? (or/add) How is it different from Photoshop or After Effects?
  • Identify the following items: timeline, storyboard (what makes these items different?  Hint: Title this, "The process of Planning vs. Execution")
  • Tools (Identify on a handout) these 7 'basic' tools - indicating their function: 
(see animations/handouts/activatingTOOLS.jpg (link will be provided - soon)