Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 3 (animation) - Goals and Understandings (discussions)
There appeared to be a rendering issue with Quicktime - when uploading from Flash (.mov) to YouTube. We will discuss this 1st.
Time will be given in class (1st half hour) to review the work from last week and our 'uploading' to YouTube (use the blog posting to access the webpage/link for this class:

Today's Goals: Photoshop - Scanning, file types (.psd, .jpg and .gif), tools (selection tools), layering (in Photoshop)

- Scanning (of character) into various 'modes' for working with native files (.psd)
- Importing to the 'library' (vector based objects vs. shapes with Flash)
- Creating layers (titling) and 'pivot points' for movement
- Review of Keyframes and 'tweening'
- Saving today's work into an .swf and .mov file (for upload)

1) Continue to develop your 'storyboards' for your 'final' animations
Remember to include ideas about 'music' (.mp3 and .aif files are preferred), transitions and timing for your animation (aim for a :30 sec animation) which will use After Effects (next week).
2) Research (option) find job postings for animators / research the 'skills' necessary (and include a list of softwares utilized).  Post the results to the end of Day 3 (below).