Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 5 (animation) - Goals and Understandings (discussions)

For Day 5 (DRAFTED on Tuesday)

(prior to class starting)

Figure out what is 'wrong' with the projector (pull down menu/format)

Have 'links' for bookmarks:

   YouTube (login and password through your Gmail / use the bookmark for blogs and postings and the 'kcailogin' account)

   Postings - in Blogger.com / for student references

For Class Discussion:

Review - started (now finish) intro to After Effects.

"I apologize - in that I think there is too much available" / the 'upgrade' to CS4 threw me for a loop

Is this a good thing?  Are we able to remain focused on the 'basics'?: 

  Creating and importing our artwork (from Photoshop/as layers)

  Keyframes - inserting and manipulating A and B

  Storyboards - the basics of where this begins/planning/timeframes, etc.

Last week we discussed 'adding depth' to your animations and 'considerations' prior to execution (through storyboards).

"Are you planning effectively?  Do you know what is out there?  Do you have any questions about our progress?"

Question:  Do we want to have a 'showing' of our learning on the last day (evening) of class - April 2nd?

Tonight - bringing it all together, requires an understanding of ALL that is available to you as the animator.

  Exporting your movie for viewing on YouTube (your audience)

  Quicktime (formats) and Adding sound (GarageBand)

  Did you bring music? (discuss potential at 6:30) - group demo

FrogPond (Click here) trt :18 sec.

Adding Sound, tracking, establishing shot, fade in/out, titles, 'puppet tool'.

Jack's click here

Heather's click here

Kara's click here