Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 7 (animation) - Goals and Understandings (discussions)

(Note: This is the final class for the KCAI Northland Spring Animation.  I would expect students to continue 'posting' to this blog with updates regarding questions or progess.  Additional information may be garnered through email via: 

Wrapping it all up:
"Are we planning for visitors before class ends tonight?" (Review the 'final questions' posting)
"Do you have ALL of your elements for tonight's finalizing of animations?" (at 8pm we will begin the process of 'uploading' our Quicktime movies to
*After this review (above) - have students open this blog for visitors:

1) Creating a sense of depth: What does it take?
2) Speak on 'timing' and 'sequencing'.  Add: Sound files (.wav or .mp3)
3) Rendering your file to a movie (discuss file types). Upload ALL movies tonight - we CAN'T edit our compositions without the software of Flash or After Effects.  You can, however - continue to view your 'movies'.

Tonight's Goals:
1) Bring it together / watch your time / plan effectively (2 hrs. of lab tonight)
2) Adding 'sound' to your animations (rendering to GarageBand to 'cut' to 'fit')

Animations (finals) from students.  Posted to YouTube as mp4s (smaller file sizes):

Kara's "Rainy Bird" - click here or (copy/paste)

Jack's "DigiData" - click here or (copy/paste)

Morgan's "Underwater purple rocks" - click here or (copy/paste)

Heather's "Worm Bling" - click here or (copy/paste)