Thursday, February 19, 2009

The following 'responses' to "What do you know about hardware and software?" Along with: "What are your expectations?" (our '1st' post)

I've never used a Mac before, so all of my knowledge is on PC.  I've played with most of the Adobe Suites programs, but I am most comfortable with Illustrator and Photoshop [along with paint and other Office programs].  Home and school is where I use the Dell PC's.  I only know the basics of hardware: keyboard, mouse, scanner, etc.  The only expectations I have are learning the basics of animation.
I knew from the start, software was CDs and DVDs, however I actually didn't know what hardware was exactly. But now I think I understand, hardware is like the: mouse, printer, the keyboard ect. I really have 4 computers, 1 Windows and 3 Macs. What I expect in this class, is to get a general idea about Flash, PhotoShop and AfterEffects. I just want to know what I'm doing when I do these programs.
i would say i only know the basics of hardware. like i know about the mouse the keyboard, at home i have a desktop Microsoft computer. i can use it pretty well.
As for software, i have used flash, adobe photoshop, after effects and a few others that don't come to mind right now. I'm not that experienced in any of them though.

I would really like to do everything i can to have a job as an animator. I have never wanted to do anything else as a career so i really hope this works out. 
Heather F:
I do not know that much about hardware and software. I know the basics. but thats where a few of my expectations come in. I hope to pick up a few things in hardware and software. I don't have a lot of expectations just to have the basics in animation.
I think that I know everything about hardware and software.
What I expect from this class....

Day 1 (animation) - Introduction, Vocabulary and Links

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