Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 6 (animation) - Goals and Understandings (discussions)

(Note: this is a 'draft' created on Tuesday and may be 'updated' prior to class)
(for the instructor) 
A) Prior to class, understand the various rendering types (H.264 vs. mp4) and 'compression' aspects.  4:3 ratio on Youtube - smaller file, but don't need compression of proportions.
B) "Letterbox to 'preserve' ratio" / resolution of the mp4 movie - appears a little bitmapped


Storyboards and planning your work:
"Why are storyboards effective for us as animators?" (Write keywords on the board as students react to this question)
(answers include: planning, timeframes, angles for character drawings, sound and music files, 'transitions'/fade ins/outs/timing is key to effective animation - 'credibility')

*After this review (above) - have students open this blog for further discussion/review (below):

1) Establishing shot (with title) / *download or create a background image (saving to your folder) - Organization - the 'key' to effective animation (labeling, folders, storing/restoring)

2) Compositions (software) vs. Footage (files inside of folders that must 'travel') - Keeping it all together.
Example: Use Kara's file of the bird in flight to review/discuss 'compositions' inside of compositions (wings flapping 'looping' file)

3) Character movement using 'A' and 'B' keyframes (apply sound effect here if possible/GarageBand is a good source)
Example: "Is your 'movement' believable?" / Heather's worms are moving too fast, but look at the 'depth' we were able to achieve.
Example: Scanning image files last week - we need to consider our various angles / resolution / 'props' - including background images, other objects and their 'roles' using a storyboard.

4) Rendering your file to a movie (discuss file types). Figure out why Jack's file did not render completely and why we need to 'shorten' the render's on other animations for preview on YouTube.

Discussions (demonstrations) for tonight:
Tonight's Goals:
1) Bring it together / watch your time / plan effectively (2 hrs. of lab tonight / 2 hrs. next week)
2) "Do we want to have an open house at *8:30? next Thursday for our folks to visit?"
"If this is a 'yes' you need to take the 'final' - on the blog, to prepare your vocabulary".
3) Adding 'sound' to your animations (rendering to GarageBand to 'cut' to 'fit')
Example: Jack's 3 minute song - cut to 17 seconds (which part to use).

Jack's starting Major animation on week 6 - click here 
Kara's starting for week 6 - click here