Sunday, February 8, 2009

Portfolio Preparation for a BFA Interest

This class is developed with the intent of shaping understanding (through vocabulary and exercises), formulating portfolio content and encouraging application and acceptance for a 4-year BFA program.  

Scholarship is typically based on a combination of factors: portfolio submission, GPA (7th semester) and Standardized Test Scores allowing for Competitive (top scholarships) and Merit (standard scholarships) for students who have been initially accepted (as graduating seniors who are anticipating graduation).  I would encourage before scholarships are considered students first need to complete an application and application folder (includes Letters of Recommendation and Statements of Purpose).

  • Understanding of various types of Visual Arts degrees and programs available
  • Understanding of application (folder) requirements for acceptance
  • Review lessons (formative evaluations) to improve content and direction
  • Online resources for searching and submitting to a BFA
  • Scholarship opportunities and financial aid (Always file the FAFSA)
  • Conceptual ideas and Skill development for each class/projects by days

I am placing the following link (and applicable login/password) to a previously developed website: Click Here

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